August 5, 2011

New hair color ♥

I dyed my hair a month ago.
I was soo tired of reddish brown hair which I have for a looongg time.
I decide to dyed a new hair color.
I dyed it Ultra Light Ash Brown


I did a boost feature in picnik because I look pale and it turn out it boost my hair ahahah.
It looks like I have orange in my hair instead of light ash brown.
The weirdness thing is that, when in the sunlight, my hair turn to the color light brown with some orange in it.
But when inside my house it look reddish brown.
I freak out when i step out of the shower after I dyed my hair.
It has the weirdness color because I used to have reddish brown hair and the box said if you have red hair it will make it light red.
My hair at first was reddish brown, with orangy brown.
I told myself it will fade to the color I like and IT DID!!! hahah.

♥ Neo Vision Glamour Brown

♥ NYX auto eyebrow pencil ~ brown
♥ Elf eye primer two way
♥ Rimmel London Hide the Blemish Concealer ~ # 103 Soft Honey 
♥ Missha M perfect cover BB cream
♥ Maybelline Mineral Power Pressed Powder
♥ Coastal Scents 88 Warm Palette
♥ Maybelline line stiletto ultimate precision liquid eyeliner ~ #H400 Blackest Black
♥ Lancome Hypnose Drama Mascara volume ~ black/Noir
♥ Rimmel London Glam'Eyes Day 2 Night mascara ~ black
♥ Physicians Formula organic Wear mascara ~ Black Organics
♥ Cover Girl blush ~ #540 Rose Silk

August 4, 2011

My July 2011 Favorite Product ♥

Helloo ladies~♥
The month of July has past ,so I'll be doing a favorite July product.
My favorite 4 things that I have tried in July and I'll be doing a review for the product and why i love it so much ♥~

The first thing that I love is this BB cream.
I think everybody have heard of this BB cream is quite popular ~
Missha M Perfect Cover BB cream. Now this BB cream is in NO. 23.

For people who doesn't know what BB cream stand for and what is for?... BB cream stands for Blemish Balm . 
It is the hottest beauty product in Asia right now and people is just crazy about it.. so am I ahah. 
How this BB cream came to is that.. now I'm using the knowledge of researching because I think It's probably better than my own opinion of this fantastic product. 
It is said that this product BB cream ,the formula comes from Germany. The dermatologists prescribe it to heal laser skin surgery because it has soothing and skin-regenerating properties
Then the famous south Korean actresses... sorry don't remember the name, then she began using it for beauty purposes such as Asian drama. Then it spread to Japan, South East Asia, and now is making way to Europe and USA. 

♥ Blend smoothly
♥ LOVE the scent 
♥ It covers okay, but if you have a lot of acne or zits I prefer something else because for mine, I have this hugeee zit before and it covers okay, but you can still tell that is still there. 
It just get covers the redness not the whole zit completely
♥ Doesn't make me break out
♥ Make my face matte
♥ The consistency is not that thick and It doesn't feel heavy on my face

♥ It can be a grey cast, but It will oxidized

I love this BB cream. I recommend to everybody including the beginner of using there first BB cream. I especially the scent of this cream is just wonderful.

My second favorite is Eucerin Everyday Protecting Face Lotion, SPF 30
I start using this product because I needed a face sunscreen that is not heavy nor thick. I just wanted a light, non- greasy, sunscreen formula especially for your face.
I was on frmheadtotoe blog and I found this, so I was like I'll give it a try, and guess what ladiesss ~~ I LOVE IT♥♥
I would say it's my favorite face sunscreen.

  Now if you have sensitive skin then It's fine because It's actually for sensitive skin and is Fragrance-free, non-comedogenic,non-irritating and it provides all day moisturization . Good right?? XD aha

♥ Light weight formula
♥ Non- greasy, doesn't make my face oily
♥ Dried after a minute or two
♥ Can be put alone or under make-up
♥ It oxidize after you put it on

♥ Hmmm nothing reallyy lol

I recommend this to anybody who is looking for a non greasy, and super light weight sunscreen just for your face.

My third favorite is LUCIDO-L # Hair Make Designing pot
Now if your wondering what this is???
If you know what gatsby is then just think this product is a female version to the gatsby wax for men.
This wax creates basic styles and tame down frizzes for all type of hair.
The biggest one is 60g, smallest one on the right is 20g

♥ Spread a suitable amount onto your fingers and blend into the ends or whole head for styling.

♥ The consistency is nice and light
♥ Tame Frizzes

♥ This product is too light weight that it doesn't create volume

I would recommend if you have short hair because it would give volume, but long hair would work as well, but it will just tame frizzes and beside this product is not meant for airy volume if you look at the chart under the product.

My Last Favorite is Freeze it fast drying original freeze hairspray
If you are looking for a non-sticky, non- flaking I would say it's this hairspray and I been using this product lot lately lolol. ♥
This hairspray is formulated with optical brighteners for enhanced shine.
This hairspray is weather proof and a 24 hour hold.
If you have frizzy hair during winter or rainy season this product will do the trick.
It's Humidity resistant, UV protection, Freezes hold, Quick drying, Water Free, and it's enriched with panthenol vitamin B-5.

 Now what I mean by Enhanced shine optical brighteners is that if you have brown hair it makes brown hair richer, red hair brighter, black hair shinier, and blonde hair more true to color by increasing light and color reflection.

♥ All weather proof
♥24 hour hold
♥ Humidity Resistant
♥ UV Protection

♥ Nothing about it really lolol

I recommend this product for who want humidity resistant and non- flaking, and non- sticky. I love this hairspray it do wonders for my hair, and it holds my curls nicely and not hardened the curls.

August 1, 2011

Alba Botanica~ Hawaiian Green Tea SPF 45 Natural Sunblock Review~

Hellloooo everybody ♥
who is viewing and reading this right now~
I got Alba Botanica hawaiian green tea natural sunblock to review for you guys.
I bought this product a month ago.
I was on Youtube and this lady, I'm sorry for forgetting the name, but she use it on her face, and she said it was good.
So I bought it also to tried it out.

♥ smell like green tea,which I love
♥ have a nice and fresh scent.
♥ SPF 45
♥ doesn't cause me to break out
♥ last through out the day
♥ light weight

♥ the consistency is thick
♥ Greasy on my face
♥ made my face shiny after waiting 15 to 20 mins p.s under makeup

 I wouldn't recommend this sunscreen on your face unless you want your face to look shiny in pictures lol.
I love the product though on my body like my arms and legs, just not on my face.
♥ 7/10 ♥

My Nail Art Collection XD

I think it was when i was in 7th grade? 
I started taking an interest in designing my nails. 
I thought it was quite fun XD. 
I remember, almost every week before school would start on Monday ,on Sunday I sat and stared at my nail box. 
What should i do today?? LOL. 
My design back then were quite simple and plain, just a typical nail art design a kid would think of. 
I thought those days were quite fun. 
I started going to high school and the weird thing is I still do my nails ahahah, but  I improved quite a lot.
I started to buy nail art stuffs on eBay and when i realize my box were soo  full that i need to buy a bigger one.                          
DUNN DUNN DAAAAA!!! lolol * here's the inside of ma box aha
*quite full no?? but I still think is still not enough aha. Girls always want more XD
Just some my pearls, rhinestone, 3D flower, and some nail art stickers

just my nail polish
Well that's it I just want to share what's in my box aha. XP