July 29, 2011

(A little bit of Eki) Skin79 BB cream giveaway

I was on A little bit of eki blog and i notice a BB creme giveaway so please enjoy:)


1. Must be my follower of her blog :D
2. Please leave your email address and if you have twitter your @name
3. please let me know what is your Favorite BB cream♥

Extra points:
1+ if you retweeted this: SKIN79 BB cream Giveaway at http://www.ekiblog.com @ekieki
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ends SAT/ 8.6.11 midnight central US time zone

Please visit her blog for this amazing giveaway:)

July 23, 2011

Elegant French Side Tutorial

I was at home, getting ready to go shopping at Meadows Mall and I was thinking how should i do my hair? This hair tutorial is an everyday look or a party look. I really like this hair style even though i don't really do french braid. XP

I did so many retake and a long time to edit. I don't think that this video was that good because as you can tell it's my first video. I made a lot of mistake and i wasn't fully prepared, but i think i gave it my all. It feel like i was filming a movie ahahah. :)  I don't like the quality of my laptop camera, it's not actually clear but it's not blurry either. I speak too quietly that i sound like a little girl or a mouse speaking to a web cam ahahah. I thought oh well this is the first time i made video, I'll keep on improving and get better the more i post. XD . Please check out my Youtube video, comment what you think, and suscribe :)

* Tammy*

July 20, 2011

Neo Vision Glamour Brown Contact Lens

Brand: Neo Vision
 Diameter: 14.2
Water Content: 45%
Base Curve: 8.6mm
Life Span: 1 Year disposal

This is the contact that I wanted at PinkyParadise.com
This circle contact lenses is called Neo Vision Glamour Brown for $29.90

 ....... and i finally got it XD

I'm sorry for the people who wanted to see the bottle and how the contact came in, I accidentally threw it away and it's my mistake, sorry :(  
I ordered at pinkyparadise two weeks ago. The shipping was expensive because it charged you of how much the product weigh, which i didn't like at all. The shipping price that i payed was $9.50
I am pleased with the comfort and the quality of the lens. I love the color and how it look so natural to my  eyes.

Pro: comfortable, nice color, look natural
Con: Doesn't really enlargement my eyes

HELLO ♥...

Hello everybody who is viewing my blog. I just start blogging on 7/20/2011 i am new at this whole thing so please go easy on me :)
I'm only 15, a sophomore at Palo Verde High School in Las Vegas, who is studying to be a nurse or a dermatologist it depends how my future will choose my career. 
I am not a professional or an artist i am just myself who loves beauty like everybody.
I got my ideas and inspirations from youtube, magazine, celebrities, friends, and the people around me. 
I took a photography class in freshmen years. i wouldn't say it was fun, but i learn how to take photos and to think of ideas to improved my photography skills. I love fashion and makeup, i wouldn't say that my ideas and how I do make up is right or wrong, I think everybody have there own inspiration and how they make themselves beautiful... Because nobody is perfect

XD ENJOY my blog, tutorial, and my everyday life ♥

*Tammy* from B3creation