July 23, 2011

Elegant French Side Tutorial

I was at home, getting ready to go shopping at Meadows Mall and I was thinking how should i do my hair? This hair tutorial is an everyday look or a party look. I really like this hair style even though i don't really do french braid. XP

I did so many retake and a long time to edit. I don't think that this video was that good because as you can tell it's my first video. I made a lot of mistake and i wasn't fully prepared, but i think i gave it my all. It feel like i was filming a movie ahahah. :)  I don't like the quality of my laptop camera, it's not actually clear but it's not blurry either. I speak too quietly that i sound like a little girl or a mouse speaking to a web cam ahahah. I thought oh well this is the first time i made video, I'll keep on improving and get better the more i post. XD . Please check out my Youtube video, comment what you think, and suscribe :)

* Tammy*