July 20, 2011

HELLO ♥...

Hello everybody who is viewing my blog. I just start blogging on 7/20/2011 i am new at this whole thing so please go easy on me :)
I'm only 15, a sophomore at Palo Verde High School in Las Vegas, who is studying to be a nurse or a dermatologist it depends how my future will choose my career. 
I am not a professional or an artist i am just myself who loves beauty like everybody.
I got my ideas and inspirations from youtube, magazine, celebrities, friends, and the people around me. 
I took a photography class in freshmen years. i wouldn't say it was fun, but i learn how to take photos and to think of ideas to improved my photography skills. I love fashion and makeup, i wouldn't say that my ideas and how I do make up is right or wrong, I think everybody have there own inspiration and how they make themselves beautiful... Because nobody is perfect

XD ENJOY my blog, tutorial, and my everyday life ♥

*Tammy* from B3creation


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  1. Hi nice to meet you Tammy! I'm also studying to be a nurse too lol can't wait to see what you post up next! :)