August 1, 2011

Alba Botanica~ Hawaiian Green Tea SPF 45 Natural Sunblock Review~

Hellloooo everybody ♥
who is viewing and reading this right now~
I got Alba Botanica hawaiian green tea natural sunblock to review for you guys.
I bought this product a month ago.
I was on Youtube and this lady, I'm sorry for forgetting the name, but she use it on her face, and she said it was good.
So I bought it also to tried it out.

♥ smell like green tea,which I love
♥ have a nice and fresh scent.
♥ SPF 45
♥ doesn't cause me to break out
♥ last through out the day
♥ light weight

♥ the consistency is thick
♥ Greasy on my face
♥ made my face shiny after waiting 15 to 20 mins p.s under makeup

 I wouldn't recommend this sunscreen on your face unless you want your face to look shiny in pictures lol.
I love the product though on my body like my arms and legs, just not on my face.
♥ 7/10 ♥

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