August 1, 2011

My Nail Art Collection XD

I think it was when i was in 7th grade? 
I started taking an interest in designing my nails. 
I thought it was quite fun XD. 
I remember, almost every week before school would start on Monday ,on Sunday I sat and stared at my nail box. 
What should i do today?? LOL. 
My design back then were quite simple and plain, just a typical nail art design a kid would think of. 
I thought those days were quite fun. 
I started going to high school and the weird thing is I still do my nails ahahah, but  I improved quite a lot.
I started to buy nail art stuffs on eBay and when i realize my box were soo  full that i need to buy a bigger one.                          
DUNN DUNN DAAAAA!!! lolol * here's the inside of ma box aha
*quite full no?? but I still think is still not enough aha. Girls always want more XD
Just some my pearls, rhinestone, 3D flower, and some nail art stickers

just my nail polish
Well that's it I just want to share what's in my box aha. XP

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  1. Omg @ your nail deco and art pen collection hahaha.
    Just followed you, mind following me back? :D